TRAUM Set design and Illustration Photos

I recently collaborated with the amazing band HEJIRA on their night - TRAUM at The Servant's Jazz Quarters. 
If you missed it you missed out!

Here's some photos of the work I did. I took some time to draw in response to Hejira's music and created a stage set as well as some badges for them to wear on the night. 
I also made the butterfly headpiece Rahel so wonderfully wore on the night! 

Take a look ...
A walk in Epping Forest was great inspiration and helped me start
A day at my desk .... flowers bloom
The e-flyer I drew and stitched.
Now framed and hanging in The House of Dreams.

The set going up - in progress
Photo: Alice Rainis
A picture of the set from the front - the lighting played havoc with my camera!
Photo: Alice Rainis
A daisy for your pocket Sir ...
Photo: Alice Rainis
The 3 ducks flew away on the night to a new home!
Photo: Alice Rainis
A paper butterfly was placed in her hair and the flowers lay on the piano.
Photo: Tina Shaburishvili
Photo: Tina Shaburishvili
 A pocket watch.
Photo: Alice Rainis

Thanks to Tina Shaburishvili and Alice Rainis for some of the images in this post. You managed to capture some great shots of the night when my camera failed me!

I can't wait to do more like this. 
Bigger, better, badder!!

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