Tring Natural History Museum

This place is definitely my favourite place of the year so far!
I've been meaning to post this for ages...hope you enjoy...

Tring Natural History Museum is part of the Natural History Museum, also located in Kensington. 
I visited earlier this year to explore and it is definitely one of the best museums I have been to.
Take a look below... you could see through the cabinets and look from one end of the room to the other. Magical! Like it belonged in a film. 

He's so cute
Bizarre seeing Lemurs against wild cats and birds...

The birds were my favourite as I am currently working on a project studying British birds. The project JUMP + FLY is currently being developed. More on this to come soon...

The tragopan (right) was particularly stunning
There is so much to see there.
The sea creatures, fish, sharks and cabinets holding insects, butterflies, beetles and scorpions were upstairs...

A look inside

Under the sea ...

The coconut crab almost looked hand painted. In my head I imagined my dear friend K.M.B had done it.
... and this is where my camera died. Major sad face.
There was lots more to capture, including zebras, huge elephant tusks, eels, a circular cabinet filled with hummingbirds, snakes, dogs, meerkats, badgers, mice and much much more.

The museum is on 2/3 floors and believe me there's a lot to see.
If you interested in visiting it's free and not hard to get to.
Visit the NHM Tring website for more information. I highly recommend it!

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