Urban Outfitters Camden

I got the chance to customise a table top along with some other artists: Emma Hindhaugh, Bob Motown, Paul McGeachy & Rob Whoriskey for a new Urban Outfitters store opening in Camden next week.

Following on from my latest project JUMP + FLY, I designed a table top of British birds and decided to leave out the Frogs. 

Here's some photos of the work in progress. 

I had lots of fun sizing up some illustrations I have been creating for JUMP + FLY and the guys at Chrome & Black were able to recommend the Molotow marker to cover space much faster. 

Check out the Molotow website for details of their amazing markers and Chrome & Black in Shoreditch. 

My favourite has to be the duck. 

... et voilà. The finished piece before it gets made into a proper table. 

The finished article will be revealed at the store launch party next week Thursday 25th July 2013.

For details of the artists involved please see our websites below and this great feature of us all on the UO blog  http://blog.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/?p=12400



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