Bath Abbey - Discovery

On a trip to Bath earlier this year I wondered into Bath Abbey. It was the first Abbey I had visited ...well, that I could remember visiting.

I loved that I found pattern everywhere. Here's some pics of some of my favourite things.

This mirror was set up at the altar and gave an amazing view of the ceiling.

The end of a pew

I found some Goldwork! 
I was in my element and got to take a really close look at it.  I loved seeing the green and gold used together. Something I haven't tried yet in my own work and am looking forward to doing. 
Detail of a Goldwork hanging on display

I would recommend a visit if you do visit Bath. For more information about the Abbey please visit the Bath Abbey website.


  1. So inspiring! That mirror picture is incredibe. xxx

    1. Yeh I know. This picture reminds me to look up more when visit places.