Birdsong - Book

This wonderful book was a present from my boyfriend and one which I absolutely love.
It is a guide to birdsong with illustrations and words by Madeleine Floyd. A very charming read with beautiful delicate drawings depicting some of the wonderful characters of British birds and their song. It has inspired me in my latest project  JUMP + FLY;  a collection of illustrated and embroidered birds and frogs. 

Here are some of the pages from the book. 
The cover & the Greenfinch 

The Green Woodpecker (Picus Viridis) "sports a vivid red cap and an apple green overcoat".
The Nightingale usually performs after dark and can use up to 250 phrases in each song. Incredible!
The Serge Warbler is noted for blending together many sounds and impersonating other birds. Cheeky cheeky! 

The Song Thrush
The Avocet
The Goldfinch... recently spotted in my garden and absolutely stunning.  
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The project is still developing.... so look out for more illustrations and embroidery to come in the next couple of months... 

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  1. Oh so wonderful, I want to get myself a copy. Such a lovely present from the boy. :) xxx

    1. It's a must have...So amazing to read and the illustrations are BEAUTIFUL! x