Cornwall - oh a beautiful place!

A recent trip out of London took me to visit my aunt in Newquay and to revisit some places I went to as a teenager. It was a beautiful trip.
Peaceful and amazing.
Here's some pics of the trip ...
A view of the Gannel at low tide

A  snapshot of the walk up to the habour along the coastal path
The rocks below
I also visited a rare poppy field at Crantock, Newquay. It's a little hidden down a path ...

... and of course I got to see lots of wildlife...
A short trip to Prideaux Place where I got to see some young deer
If you go to the harbour you also get to see the seals who usually follow the fishing boats into the harbour to see if any scraps are tossed out of the boat.
But beware of the seagulls who are notorious for diving towards you if you are eating. My uncle said he had the filling taken out of his pasty just as he was tucking into it. Luckily it didn't smack him in the face!

Here's some tips if you are visiting Newquay...
for great food and an amazing view of the sea, visit Lewinnick Lodge situated at Pentire headland. It has a great menu and is a short walk from the headland.
The Headland Hotel is also a must see. This beautiful Victorian hotel is situated at the heart of Newquay and has an amazing history and amazing views of the sea. I went for lunch a couple of times (it has great food) and if you are looking to unwind it has two pools, a sauna, hot tub and steam room, open to residents and the public for £15.
For a hidden viewpoint of the Gannel (shown to me by locals) visit the Fern Pit cafe, walk down from the cafe following a path through the wild flowers and shrubs down to the Gannel for a quick boat trip over to the other side of the land. The cafe and boat are a family run business and also do a great cream tea
... and if you are in a car and want to visit the Eden project it only takes about 35 minutes. But be sure to book online for a 10% discount. Otherwise it costs £23 on the door.

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  1. Aww I love New Quay. My home friends and I always used to go there for teenage girly holidays, it holds such amazing memories. My family and I always used to holiday in Penzanze and Padstow too. Your pistures are amazng! It sounds like you had such a lovely time and I cant wait to hear all about it. xxx