Moonrise Kingdom - Incredible!

If you haven't gone to see Moonrise Kingdom yet you have to go and see it in the cinema before it dissappears!

This film tells the story of two twelve-year olds who meet and fall in love. After making a pact to run away together they set about making their way through the beautiful setting for the film; an island off the coast of New England during the summer of 1965. Through the wilderness they venture and what an adventure it is!

The film magically unfolds and is amazing to watch. Wes Anderson presents a fun, witty and creative story. But moreover, the cast are incredible. I think everyone was perfectly chosen. My particular favourite was the young boy; Sam Shakusky played by Jared Gilman.

Jared Gilman who plays Sam Shakusky
One of my favourite moments is when Sam presents Suzy with a pair of beetles on fish hooks as earrings and puts them in her ears for her. Absolutely amazing! (Still hunting for a picture .... such an perfect film moment)

And of course the scene that plays out on the beach; where Sam and Suzy are dancing to Francois Hardy's Le Temps de L'amour.

"He does watercolours, mostly landscapes but a few nudes.."

Sam Shakusky is a keen painter
If you are creative, love creative films or love detail in film, this film will definitely be worth a watch. From the music score, to the costume, the set, the dialogue and the humour, there is so much to love and take away from this film.



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