The Horniman Museum

I recently went to the Horniman Museum with a couple of girl friends and absolutely fell in love with the place.

With it cute little illustrations of animals in the cabinets, graphic labelling of the species and wooden cabinets of some rare and not so rare animals it felt like I had taken a trip back in time.

Here's some pictures from the day.

I love how the beaks are coming out of the wall at you 

What a pair! So cute.

Killer Whale illustration
The Horniman Conservatory

Situated in South London and surrounded by beautiful gardens the Horniman Museum is a treasure.

Visit the website for more info and how to get there. I got the bus from Brixton and went through Dulwich Village, which was quick and pretty.

I'm going back again this weekend to study the British birds in more detail for JUMP + FLY.
More on this project coming soon!

Next post is even better - The Natural History Museum in Tring. Not to be missed!!!!


  1. Beautiful pics, I have to go back. So sad I didn't get to go with you ladies. Excited for your Tring post. xxx

  2. I went back twice this weekend to draw and expect I will be visiting a few more times. Staff are so lovely in there. One man saw me drawing sitting on the floor and got me a fold out seat!